December 2008

In this december....what is on ma mind???

  • a new year is just around da corner
we can watch fireworks and start a new wish

  • Next, i have start my sem on 9 DEC...but still i continue ma cuti..hehehehe...
later on la i'll study hard.. so sorry to Dr Effat, as module coordinator for this endocrine module..
  • fuel price hike down....hehehehehe.. RM 1.90 now.. so at home, i can drive everywhere i wish to go in JB... to take a car going back to shah alam?? ma request still pending from ma parents..ayo~
im no longer get headache when i see this logo

  • play Dota until gt bored with its........ i love to play dota,even i will play it in a whole day...
i got a new favorite is..
meepo / geomancer

now i really know how to use friend's said we play dota more than study..hehehehe

  • as long as my friend is in their semester breaks, they always ask to hanging out... serious i love to hanging out with them... in share our new experients.. but sumtimes we just talk about the past... and its can take a whole day to complete the story about our past.. i really miss it... all ma friends now have their on path of life.. event some of them is not good in study, they have proff already that they was success in life... i really jealous when i compare with ma life, reading too much..hahahahaha...dah takdir..

p/s: for arif,so sorry for not attend your besday party at damansara..hope uols enjoy your party and have fun.. sweet 20... we will hang-out later...

geek in da pink..ekh bukan"cake in da pink"

  • Last but not least...hurm xde pape la...



Anonymous said...

hek eleh, pakai meepo?

wei, ko ade effect ke harge minyak turun? ko bwk kete ke?

shah_rule said...

yew la best apew minyak turun..
leh la bawak keter dgn xsakit kepale nk pikir duet minyak..