BiLa daH keNe MaraH


hari nie, oN bedSide TeaChing by Dr Zubin~ suMe orUnk mUke berUbaH ttbe keNe MaraH...

ActuaLLy Lame x CeriTA pasal Life skang ni..SkanG ni we are in MediCine Posting in Medical ward HosP sG BuLoh..
skang tggL smGGu je laGik before end of posting Exam...

wiTh Dr Zubin (cardiologist) who is our adViser here...
we do a ward round every morning, clerk new cases everyday, done as much as procedure as we can..hurm to fill the log book actually...baru ade ckit jer...mggu ni kene penuh kn.. do On caLL...night on call and emergency department oncall of course...
Dr Zubin is reaLLy supporting u know...
at last today he was really angry with us...bcoz we only has one week left before exam...
then many other lecturer say student with Dr Zubin slalu dimanja2 kan...
pastuh exam macam haram,
jealous ke???

we make him dissapointed...

aLL about CNS...i really Hate CNS examination...

the examination is really tricky... we had been ask to test Cranial Nerve examination to blindness patient..
the patient is totally blindness... susah giler~

afteward we need to work hard ok my fwen~
duN dissapoint him again...he had done everything for us...

"korunk datang ni g borak2 ngan patient tuh utk ape?? saje Borak2?? nk tnye2 je pasal die?? ke nk find diagnosis??? "

GeT inTO OT one mOre timE

"if u want to know about surgery, firstly u must know how to assist the surgery" mr shukri.

at last after 3 time postpone surgery for my patient, today she get into OT (operation theatre)..
as accompony with me, i assist the surgeon today that had been performed by Mr Shukri (consultant surgeon of hosp sg buloh)

this is my 2nd time i had an opportunity to scrub in~
it take more than 3 hours at operation table.
Alhamdulillah the operation is succesful..

appendecectomy --> abdomino-perineal resection --> colonostomy...

after the operation the patient is conscious but a litle bit confuse as affect of the anaesthethic drug~

thaT i reaLLy thaNkFuL to Mr Shukri to give me one more opportunity to scrub in~ hehe
and hopefully my patient will be recover soon and can be discharged soon.. InsyaAllah..

i'M Fine..10Q~

suDah SeKiaN LamE mEnyEpi...
mayBe xde mAse..xdE ideA..or mmG xde PaPE,cuMe MaLAs Jer nk
Update Blog Nie...

StiLL LagIk kAt pOstiNg surgeRY... haRi2 BaLeK daRi HosP Sg BuLoh
seriOusLy lethaRgic Giler~ pNaT ~ TiDo....
ThiS iS the 7th weeK in sUrgERy PosTing..
aLL arE enJoyaBle..wonderFUL..segaLe La..
LooK i wiLL Go furTher inTo thiS fieLd...

1St tiMe sCrUB in~

AftER thiS, KaLO raJIn aKan Ku UpdaTe ceriTa2 disInI smULa...
citer YG PANAS dn MeLetop LetOP.. perlU la cm maGGi Kari LetoP???

SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa AiDiLfItRi

nak jugek pose cm kandryX..uit~

waLauPun LamBat tP naK gaK kirImkaN
saLam aiDiLfitri kePade kawaN2 sumeR
daN anDA yG menGunjUngI bLog iNi..

notHinG diFFereNt raYe nIe nGan RayE2 TahUn sUdah..
cuMe BezaNye:
*daH besa, sO oruNk x bG dueT raYe daH
*neNek kT kaMpuNg daH LamE meNinGGaL, sO xde TeMpaT d
aH nK LepaK raYe.. raYe kaT umaH jer...tHen baLeK KamPunG seKejaP jer.. x McM dULu
*RayE daLam keadaaN sederHana..kuraNg berSemangat..

beraye d kampung

waLaO paPe Pun..hari raye nie la mase nyer utk berkumpul..
sanak saudara..
xkire dekat mahupun jauh..
mengeratkan lagik ikatan kekeluargaan gituh..

SeLamaT HaRi RaYa
MaaF ZaHiR BaTiN


on saturday....

CaLLing FrOm Emergency Department (ED)

weekend TerbaeK La Kater NyER~

ALeRt witHoUt sLeeP fOr mOrE thaN 24 HouRs

u will feel reaLLy tired and LetharGic duRinG tha daY whEN u r nOt for more than 24 hours..

TheN mY mInd seEm veRy tirED tO thinK eVen in ClasS thIS morninG...

thAnK GoD no BedsiDE..n moST oF mY bED is EmPtY..xramai OruNK sakIt arIniE kOwt...

Yg tGGLkan nEw admin sbb appendicitis with pregnancy pa

yg len sumE yG Lame yg x Kuar2 lg...

Bed 19 makcik post-op OJ, choLEstectomy..TgK Ok daH dapT jaLan..

paKcIk waRD baWAH, from A n E, accident kot, nampaK s
ehat ckiT...

yG Len KosoNG~ heaVen DoK LePak tIdO kaT warD...hahaha

thEN duRinG praCtiCaL.. BuLAn2 PosE nIE LAk la nK waT PR bebaNyaK..

PR= pre rectal examination... put ur index finger in anal canal... sound silly and geLi...haha

ThEn uTk mEnGhiLanG kaN NganTOK~ asYiK dOK meN2 jeR kaT hospitaL Tuh..

siap pakai kn baju..mmg xde keje~

daN tGah haRI tpaKse cabUt Kelas sBB ngaNtoK gIlER...dan TIDO...zzzzzzzzzzzz

I bELieVe iN oNe PhraSe:::

" BiLeR kiTeR sAyAnG kaT seSeOrUnK tUh,

kiTeR biaR kaN DiE PeRgI.........

taPi BiLe sATu haRI DiE DaTaNg BaLeK kaT KiTer,

MakNenyE mMg BtOL La dIe..

MiLiK KiTer....."

Filem CINTA, 2006

been so long

iT haD bEEn SO LoNg i HavEnT sEe Ur faCes..
i DunNo whAt u aRe dOinG n i DunNo wHaT u FeEL,
BuT heRe, i reaLLy ThiNk thaT i nEEd soMeOnE..

wHo WoULd LisTen To mE n whO iS UndersTaNdinG..

iTs jusT LikE u..

i DoNt knOw whAt aM i thInkinG riGht Now..
buT whaT i fEEL, is LikE to sEE u aGaIN..

n sO MaNy thIng thaT i WaNT tO teLL u..

i hOPe u caN heaR mE..

31 Ogos 2009

hepi merdeka utk korunk sumer~
of course xde aktiviti2 lagha time2 bulan pose nie...
dok umah sudeh~
kalo duLu2

tu diah~ merdeka parade..
every year pegi smpai pom 5..
windu nye...

the most thing yg iols nk tggu sgt2..
nie la dia... bunga api...
peow..peow..boommm....... (harus bunyi x real langsung)

dan yg paling bengang skali..
bdak2 skang nie x tau g skolah ke x..
tgk kat berita dulu tuh, rukun negara pun x tau...
bkan dari darjah satu dok bace ikrar nie,
bukan bace owang puteh pun..
tuh pun xtau...

ekh..: yg iols marah2 sgt nie mcm la patriotik sgt ekh~

iols masok PLKN tau~
sgt patriotisme tau..kalo x iols amek MC jer...
xyah datang..hahaHePi 52nd independence

CuP CaKes oo CuP CaKes

sori to miZa...
so LaTe for Celebrate ur besday..
seem we sTart buzy in Hosp..
time breakfast je jumpe kumpul ramai2 skang nie..
start pkol 8am start ward round, clinic, seminar, on-call..
seem time breakfast esok baru kumpul reramai balek..
susah skang nk dapat mase lepak2 cm dulu~

cupcake nie plak pun secare x sengaje mak patient kitorunk yg buat~
snang ckit xyah g kedai memane..
tempah je kat die..

itS a WEAKend

totally tired n lethargic when come to friday~
rase nk balek but after come back from hosp on 5pm..
troZ tetidO then bangon2 dah pkol 8..
xdpt nk balek...baru ingat nak berhavoC sbloM puase nie..

toTaLLy relieve this weekend..
thX God sume bnDe2 merunsingkaN dah siaP dbuaT..
aLL seminar, case presentation, case write up done already...
jusT tggL exaM je 2 week froM noW..cuaK k..

arinie pun kaT hospital dok kewat2 jer ikot Dr round ward..
xde la tension sgt~

n then this morning i just assist Dr in doing procedure jer.. malas nk masok kelas...hehe
lumbar puncture..sakit tau!

coz my patient had been discharged ari rabu arituh..
lame k jage die, 12 hari admitted...coz nephrotic syndrome..thx God it is steroid sensitive..
hopefully die akan troz sihat jer, no rellapse... but i still contact with his mom, sbb kitorunk tempah cupcake kat mak die..hahaha..suke2 jer kan..

die tgh merajuk pasal kene amek darah..cian die~

patient baru nie lak, xla serius sgt..just croup jer...pagi td dah discharged gak~
x terjejas weekend ku...huhu

still remember this patient who develop respiratory failure during intubation procedeure last week...
it had been confirmed positive H1N1 ..
tHx God iOls yg terlibat dalam procedure nie x develop ILI..
ILI= influenza like-illness (term dguna pakai xnk kasik patient takot kate nyer)

nak LePaK sepuas puas nyer weekend nie...

berdePan dGn situaSi kematiaN

friday 7/0/09 at 1030am, endo-tracheal intubation was done for NSY,a 10 month old girl patient with bronchopneumonia...
during this procedure i was there at the bedside..
it was done by dr faisal (paed specialist) with 2 other dr in hosp sg buloh..

method to do

all the instrument is here

the procedure was started by given gas anaesthesia through the baby's mouth..
an eye which was open before had closed.. by assume the child had fully anesthetized, Dr faisal start the procedure by insert laryngoscope into the baby's mouth.. he found that the baby still not fully anesthetized, he pull out the laryngoscope..the baby's eyes still open..

then other Dr try to put anaesthesia gas into the baby's mouth..after a minute it still not work with that child, others Dr start prepare morphine for injected intravenously..

after a few second with morphine, the baby reacted well and went to sleep.. then the procedure started. the Dr tried many times to insert the last the tube was in the baby's bronchi..

but during that trial, spO2 of that patient is reduced..surprisingly it reduced from 90++ to 0..
but the Dr still ignored it while they busy to insert the tube.. after the tube was inserted, IV adrenaline was injected into the baby...again surprisingly, the baby's pulse rate was reduced... again it reduced until 0...

then the environment changed. sume orunk start gelabah.. one of the Dr jumped onto the bed and tried to give resuscitation..

i should practice more on this...

after a few minute, IV adreanaline injected again as a last resort.. then the baby still not responding to the drug..

on 1110am..the baby dead..

i felt so down, some of my friends started to cry.. pape pun, in front the baby's mom at the outside, we just pretend nothing happen.. it hard to do so..

i just walked away from the room by without looking at the mother..

after a few step, we heard the mother cried sambil meraung raung..sampai satu ward leh dengar..

walaupun hidup mati ni diTangan Tuhan, iols sgt sedeh jugak biler iols disitu tgk je proses tuh terjadi...
sangat sedeh yer tgk orunk kehilangan one of their family member...and ni 1st time iols berdepan dgn kematian orunk and weols ade kat sebelah, watching sajork..
tangan iols berpeluh peluh, sgt berharap baby tuh leh survive..
so bende2 mcm nie mmg baru utk iols, xpnah nk ready pun, tp tetibe pagi tadik terjadi.. sampai ade yg nangis2...tgk dr2 len, cm xde perasaan jer..maybe dah biase kot ngan situasi nie..

so disebabkan tragedy nie kat hospita sg Buloh a.k.a mak hayam besa H1N1..maybe baby tuh suspected H1N1..specimen dah dhanta ke lab..result x kuar lagik..
kalo positive siapla weols sumer...kene perintah berkurung nanti..

so iols xdpt nk enjoy ma weekend..
so sorry for my fwen kat JB, xdpt nk balek JB..kang tbawak balek virus lak kat korunk~
i nak pinjam DVD nanti..haha
kim salam kt sumer...

ThX 4 da damN weeKend~

i juSt came bacK from JB yesterday..
it was saturday, 1st august..
first thing to come is traffiC jaM at KL...
seem there R SOME pollitical issue here~
it is daMn sLow there.. i arriVe at 12pm..

witF aLL stuFF i brinG froM quite heavy k..
jalaN ke LRT pasar Seni, damn hot..smpai berpeluh peluh..
meeT my freND at KL sentraL..

aT 2pm we Go to cHow KiT..
jusT to buY aLL medicinE stuFF there..
there are some reformation...
then police are everywhere..kecoh giler...

at 3pm we go to KLCC..ade PC fair...
then buy thing..mcm2..pastuh berat giler beg..
dan banyak sgt beg...

at 10pm kat shah alam..
thx God, my fwen Amir fetch me up..
and send me to selayang..
after 12am... he going back to his home...

neway thx to ALL who involved in my tour during thAT day..
Lame x jalaN kat KL tau..
seem i am buzy with hospitaL Life right now..

toMMorow claSS wiLL be oriented as usuaL..
tommOrow claSS, i wiLL start in paedriatic ward, lvl 8, hosp sg buloh..
start2 esok dah kene oN caLL...bapak borink!


Buzy wiF thIngs to be Done

for the Past 2 weekz mmG xde mase nk menuLis blog..
since sampai sini, mcm2 bnde kene buat..
1stly kemas rumah..beli sesikt ape2 yg patut utk dudok kat umah nie dalm mase 3 tahun nie..
so jiran2 yg len sume smangat sgt2 design umah mereka..
yg kitorunk, ala kadar jer..most time bukan dok umah dok hospital..
start pkol 8 dah ade kat ward...pkol 5 ptg tuh baru leh balek..
tp kalo on call pkol 10 mlm baru habeh.. ade lak bbdak nie on call smapi pkol 1 am pun ade..
tido je la kat hospital tuh...

hehe nie la yg kitorunk ubah2 ckit...

living xde tv lagik..courts x hanta lagik..
on the way kot~ haha

dining hall nie kemas dah sesikit.. nie la tmpat lepak2 memlm..
cm akan gemok je x lame lagik..

nie bukan white coat yer..saje je beli pocket2 nie..
tgk tuh EC dihati ku~ haha

dan buku.. berderet-deret dah kat atas meje...

buku cerite kanak2..haha

in peadriatic posting..i still cannot adjust myself in this field.. coz it really tough for me to make myself comfartable in front them.. then there are many weird2 thing happen kat bebudak kecik2 nie..banyak bnde lak tuh yg kene tau.. cth nyr, bile reti jalan, bile reti merangkak, bile leh lari2..

in this 2 weeks...dah 3 orunk bdak kat ward nie yg kene influenza A H1N1..mane la x naya kalo ak skali kene nanti..OMG~ yg bbdak2 nie pun rmai je yg spatut nye dok umah kene sume nye suke2 jer dok luar, batok2 kat orunk..g tgk harry potter bagai..
tp slamat la sume xde pape...haha

but yg best biler bebudak nie dah sihat skit yg nk dekat2 discharge tuh.. nanti suke je muke die, ajak g maen kat pklayground la~ comei jer.. tp time awal2 admit dulu keje nangis jer...maybe thats nature of their development kotz..huhu

but who know someday that child that we treat will become prime minister in a future..haa..dapat la pangkat Dato nanti snang2..hoho


DVD borrow from KandryXx

uTk mengHAbeskn sisa2 cuti nie, ak pinJam la citer2 korea dari kandrYxX..
rupe2nyer memberz diJB pun giler KoreA skunK...tmasOKla bulan..paipo~

Nk review ckiT disiTU...boleh ke x boleh~ (datin wannabe gitu)

overaLL citer2 yG i pinjam best2 belaka...
pelaKon2 nyer pun best2..buat i jatuh hati..ops~
tp oleh sbb mOOd puN x begitu stabil dalam layan cinta@..
asyik tersentap jer tgk citer nie..
sangat la sakit ati.. x suke tol sumer ending die..
knape mesti sume couple akan berpisah..bile ade orunk yg budget hensem ckit @ canthek @ cantum muncul secare ttbe...mesti wat couple tuh terpisah..then deorunk yg couple baru nie live happily ever after... ke sbenarnye kehidupan mmg camtuh..??

Yuu Hee the Witch - citer ni amse awal2 die best..biler nk habes2 i rase meluat tgk hero dier moo-ryong yg ttbe tgglkan awek lame dier pasal ttbe suke kat pompuan tgh2 tuh...kesian gf dier yg kat hujung kiri skali tuh..xpasal2 kne dumped..sian kn..x ker die tahu cmner perasaan orunk tuh.. xtau la ending dier camner, tp mmg sure die tgglkn gf dier.. troz i bhenti tgk citer nie..

Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy - dalam citer nie lak i mmg suke sangat2 starting dier.. sbb pompuan ni jadi cikgu pasal nk jumpe bf dier (kot klabu diatas tuh)...pastuh dah lame2 biler jumpe anak murid hot, die tgglkan bf dier yg cute giler tuh..bole camtuh.. mesti awal2 nyer couple, nk kawin troz x jadi.. pastuh last2 tetap x kawen..hampa i tggu2 smpai episode akhir..ingat kn deorunk dapat troz couple, walopun tahu slalu nyer mesti hero menang last2..tetap ending same cm citer sblom die pun pasrah, sanggup berkorban gituh, x ksah.. troz jadi BFF jer..sangat simpati kat dier..sedeh..kenape mereka tak bersame??sedeh x hilang lagik yer..baru je abeh tgk citer nie..

Gigolo wannabe - ni bukan ala2 datin wannabe..citer nyer simple mostly pasal friendship.. tema nyer asyik kene tipu jer..last2 pun kene tipu gak...ok la x sedeh pun..swonok jer tgk..

dengan menghabeskn nonton citer2 yg dipinjam dari kandryx nie, i telah membazirkan sbanyak 4 hari sampai x tido pun ade... so mase yg dtangguh2 nk study nie, xtahu la biler leh start revision..hahaha...

newaY, ThX kandryXX..nanti i datang umah u pulang dvd..hehee

JoHoR StaTe BanD ComP 2009

Johor Band comp tahun nie diadakan kat pasir gudang, johor..
rupe2 nyer pertandingan dalam mase 3 tahun yg lepas nie sume nyer dah disponsor oleh majlis bandar pasir gudang nie... patut la time2 kitorunk dolu2 xde orunk nk taje, hadiah sumer cam azab jer..dapat kalkulator pun pnah yer..termos la...ntah pape kn...makan pun, nasi bungkus yg dah sejuk die bagi..yg tahun ni, peserta nyer makanan MELETOP, die bg KFC..habes ayam satu reban kn.. johor ade la improvement ckit~
just tggal beberape jer yg standard2 kampung..huhuhuhu..
then thx God STF menang~ (walopun x la sesedap mane, tp nk STF gak)
takot2 skola Pasir Gudang menang kn, dah la tempat die, kengkadang judges sgt bias k..

STF..1st place..see u in national nnti~

STF, tetap aksi lame..huhu

SIGS..2nd place, bunyi cam best, xtau la~

SMK Pasir Gudang..Jealous, xpuas ati, Bias..huhu

ANYWAY, yg best nyer on this day dapat la kiter sumer yg dah berzaman zaman tinggal kn band...kadng2 biler lame x jumpe banyak sangat bnde nk dbualkn..sampai satu ahri kuar pun xleh habes..

wif all my frenz here

wif kandryX

arif..sponsor transport..hehe..ala2 rombongan cik kiah~

In the night, kitorunk dinner kat kafe Thats..tmpat nyer ak pun xtau ade kafe yg best nie~
1st time datang..dah la kat jalan yg dikenali dgn PELACURAN..cik cur yer disini...huhu
tp banyak kafe yg besh2 di situ...

BAWAH ops~! huhu

abaikan yg tgh posing tuh..huhu

drink nyer sedap dn kreatif

sempat amek gamba air jer..makanan?? xsmpat amek,
sedap sgt smpai tlupe.LOL

NEXT time dengar2 weols akan ade gathering for our band..
yuwww..canT waiT..!!!