kEEp SmiLing AgaIN

2 week had passed from the day i start crying..
from the thing that i regret..
but who knows, sumDay i wiLL finD my happinesS..
i just LookIN for haPPiNess toward myselF..
maYbe aFteR this i wiLL faLL in Love wifMyselF
Me Myself and i...

those memory will slipped away time by time..
aLL i need is a time and some space..
even everything happen around me that can make me sad,
i just keep smiling..
im not a weak person that only crying aLL da time..
wahtever it is..

LIFE must GO on...!
nO paiN nO gaiN
BeauTy iS paiN (Tetbe jew)


γ‚’γ‚€γƒžγƒ³♂ said...

dn wory lo...
all of us r hre 4 u...
cll us antym u 1 ;)
jiayou SHAHRULE ^^

shah_rule said...

thx aiman...

zua said...

shahrul..when i read it..i feel like im in one of those episodes in grey's anatomy..huhu!! goes on k..let bygone be bygone..see and plan for the future..that is wat we as a human can do.. =)

i know u can survive..(lagu tema kat belakang - destiny's child : survivor

Anonymous said...

be strong my friend..

maybe God will give u better than that..

let by gone, be by gone..

shah_rule said...

Let bygone be bygone...yo lahh..