PeNciLOK EmaS...

i JusT come BacK frOm KuaLA LipIS PahANG foR my ElEktivE progRamE wheRe mY grouP decidE to PreseNT sOme issUE about GoLd MinnIng acivity..
So we chOOse PAHANg as our DestinatiOn wherE one of Our grouP membEr, AmaLIna's fatHER is workiNG therE..
sO we juSt taKe his FathEr As OuR SuperVisor in orDer to CompleTE our TasK..

23 MaY- WeOLS staRt ouR jouRneY at 9 a.m. to go to tItIwaNgsa By traIn to take a bUs a PeKeLiLing Bus statION..we aRRive aT KuaLa LiPis at 2 p.m..theN we was TakeN by PaK CiK SaaD to theiR hoMe where we Live theRe for 3 NighT..aT firsT daY here, we Just take A waLk arouNd this PlAce...

my place..hehehe

Lin Siong Bus..pelik??ok La..

At Gua ape ntaH~

TamN rekReasi..ntah~

24 May- on the second day, we visit kampung chekah SepaH kaLo x siLap, theN the ResidenT here WaS verY frienDLy..orG kamPunG la KaTEkn, sumeR raMah2... theN we was ToLd how tO use some tRaditionaL techNique in ordeR to CoLLecT goLD frOm thE was reaLLy tired,but weOLs enjoy...

WeOLs together..

PuLL oUt SoMe gOLD

menduLanG..nOt easY as u imaGine

ThE ResULt....

BukaN tanGkaP ikaN k..

time KasIH La sumer..

25 May- FoR the ThirD daY, we vIsiT gOLD minEs arEa. wheRe we Can See minnIng activiTy here... aLL workers puN peramAh giler.. sO we reaLLy happY to dO oUr tasK here... on ouR arrivaL, we had Some BriefINg from Mr ZAc, geoLOgisT there..theN we wa taKen to Mines and factory for look the prosses tO maKe a GoLD..interEstIng right... aT the factOrY, they Give Us a GoLD baR thaT have beeN process heRE, it worTh 1.2 miLLioN k.. the SecurIty was reaLLy2 straight..cUaK giler..hehe

ReaDy foR meLomBonG

joM nEk TraK

Bosa BonA tomPet nie~


wIf Mr ZaC

aT da facToRy


wiF da SuPoRtiNg staFF

thEn weOLs baLeK ke sHaH ALaM oN 26 MaY
tHx TO aLL groUp memBers aNd paK ciK n maKciK kaT LIPIS nuh yG spoNsor MakaN,
TmpaT tGGL...swoNok banGat~

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