Coming Soon...

abOut mY prrogress to clinical year in this July,
i wiLL experience a new housemate, a new roomate and a new place..
the way we study also will be different here...

A new Journey

a NEW housemate

Yesterday i had visit Kolej Kediaman Selayang..
this Kolej also is owned by UiTM, but its exclusively for medical student..
its environment was really great..jeles la bebudak course laen tuh..huhu..

say GOODBYE to Perindu college

LOVELY, Kolej Kediaman Selayang, UiTM

Welcome to a new Home

Living Hall..but no TV

Dining hall..

xkemas langsung..

our room.. there are 4 room in this house..

For this semester, i will start with pedriatics and adolescent posting..start2 jer dapat yg susah..ceh~

baby dont cry...

following by sugery --> medicine-->Rural & Urban health-->lastly Obstetric & Gynaecology..

so what can i do, study hard..


Ryzal said...

Dude gud luck wit kids haha

shah_rule said...

harus bg deorunk tgk happy tree friends..haha