LagIk paSaL AMERican IDOL..

niE aK baRu jer tJumpe kaT paPer THE STAR smLm nyer..
its aLL abouT Adam Lambert,highlight nyer iDOL runnER uP enDs GuessinG games.

in this article, Adam Lambert has ended guessing games over his sexual orientation by confirming he is gay in an interview wif Rolling Stone magazine..

"i dont think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear i'm gay" kater nyer.. harus la ak nk surprise, mmg cm sume orunk dah agak die gay..x ke??

tgk jer dah tau..tuh tepon die nyer bf la tuh..

"i've been living in Los Angeles for eight years as a gay man. i've been at clubs drunks making out wif somebody in the corner" kater nyer lagik k...whateva, thats ur choice, pahala dosa ko..x campur!!

x campur k..

sambungan lagik.. Lambert meanwhile joked that he had been attracted to idol nemesis ALLEN, who he shared a room with during the series.. OK, sentap ckit~

"he's the one guy i found attractive in the whole group on the show:nice, non-chalant, pretty and totally mytype - except that he has a wife" kater nyer.. harus la die kate Kris Allen pretty, x sume nk canthek macam ko yer..ttbe emo kn..~

care2 nk ngurat..ceh~

there are no boundaries kate nyer

"i mean he's open-minded and liberal, but he definetely 100% straight" added die lagik.. tau pun...

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