berdePan dGn situaSi kematiaN

friday 7/0/09 at 1030am, endo-tracheal intubation was done for NSY,a 10 month old girl patient with bronchopneumonia...
during this procedure i was there at the bedside..
it was done by dr faisal (paed specialist) with 2 other dr in hosp sg buloh..

method to do

all the instrument is here

the procedure was started by given gas anaesthesia through the baby's mouth..
an eye which was open before had closed.. by assume the child had fully anesthetized, Dr faisal start the procedure by insert laryngoscope into the baby's mouth.. he found that the baby still not fully anesthetized, he pull out the laryngoscope..the baby's eyes still open..

then other Dr try to put anaesthesia gas into the baby's mouth..after a minute it still not work with that child, others Dr start prepare morphine for injected intravenously..

after a few second with morphine, the baby reacted well and went to sleep.. then the procedure started. the Dr tried many times to insert the last the tube was in the baby's bronchi..

but during that trial, spO2 of that patient is reduced..surprisingly it reduced from 90++ to 0..
but the Dr still ignored it while they busy to insert the tube.. after the tube was inserted, IV adrenaline was injected into the baby...again surprisingly, the baby's pulse rate was reduced... again it reduced until 0...

then the environment changed. sume orunk start gelabah.. one of the Dr jumped onto the bed and tried to give resuscitation..

i should practice more on this...

after a few minute, IV adreanaline injected again as a last resort.. then the baby still not responding to the drug..

on 1110am..the baby dead..

i felt so down, some of my friends started to cry.. pape pun, in front the baby's mom at the outside, we just pretend nothing happen.. it hard to do so..

i just walked away from the room by without looking at the mother..

after a few step, we heard the mother cried sambil meraung raung..sampai satu ward leh dengar..

walaupun hidup mati ni diTangan Tuhan, iols sgt sedeh jugak biler iols disitu tgk je proses tuh terjadi...
sangat sedeh yer tgk orunk kehilangan one of their family member...and ni 1st time iols berdepan dgn kematian orunk and weols ade kat sebelah, watching sajork..
tangan iols berpeluh peluh, sgt berharap baby tuh leh survive..
so bende2 mcm nie mmg baru utk iols, xpnah nk ready pun, tp tetibe pagi tadik terjadi.. sampai ade yg nangis2...tgk dr2 len, cm xde perasaan jer..maybe dah biase kot ngan situasi nie..

so disebabkan tragedy nie kat hospita sg Buloh a.k.a mak hayam besa H1N1..maybe baby tuh suspected H1N1..specimen dah dhanta ke lab..result x kuar lagik..
kalo positive siapla weols sumer...kene perintah berkurung nanti..

so iols xdpt nk enjoy ma weekend..
so sorry for my fwen kat JB, xdpt nk balek JB..kang tbawak balek virus lak kat korunk~
i nak pinjam DVD nanti..haha
kim salam kt sumer...


crescent said...

sedihnya...(sambil mengesat air mata...) comp best giler...

shah_rule said...

ade x siti REKODAh yg merekod comp tuh..nak tgk~ blog hafizuddin x best sbb dari tepi...hehe