ThX 4 da damN weeKend~

i juSt came bacK from JB yesterday..
it was saturday, 1st august..
first thing to come is traffiC jaM at KL...
seem there R SOME pollitical issue here~
it is daMn sLow there.. i arriVe at 12pm..

witF aLL stuFF i brinG froM quite heavy k..
jalaN ke LRT pasar Seni, damn hot..smpai berpeluh peluh..
meeT my freND at KL sentraL..

aT 2pm we Go to cHow KiT..
jusT to buY aLL medicinE stuFF there..
there are some reformation...
then police are everywhere..kecoh giler...

at 3pm we go to KLCC..ade PC fair...
then buy thing..mcm2..pastuh berat giler beg..
dan banyak sgt beg...

at 10pm kat shah alam..
thx God, my fwen Amir fetch me up..
and send me to selayang..
after 12am... he going back to his home...

neway thx to ALL who involved in my tour during thAT day..
Lame x jalaN kat KL tau..
seem i am buzy with hospitaL Life right now..

toMMorow claSS wiLL be oriented as usuaL..
tommOrow claSS, i wiLL start in paedriatic ward, lvl 8, hosp sg buloh..
start2 esok dah kene oN caLL...bapak borink!


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