been so long

iT haD bEEn SO LoNg i HavEnT sEe Ur faCes..
i DunNo whAt u aRe dOinG n i DunNo wHaT u FeEL,
BuT heRe, i reaLLy ThiNk thaT i nEEd soMeOnE..

wHo WoULd LisTen To mE n whO iS UndersTaNdinG..

iTs jusT LikE u..

i DoNt knOw whAt aM i thInkinG riGht Now..
buT whaT i fEEL, is LikE to sEE u aGaIN..

n sO MaNy thIng thaT i WaNT tO teLL u..

i hOPe u caN heaR mE..


crescent said...

ahak...sape tue...jeles nie...

shah_rule said...

xde sesape..
xde entry nk letak..