GeT inTO OT one mOre timE

"if u want to know about surgery, firstly u must know how to assist the surgery" mr shukri.

at last after 3 time postpone surgery for my patient, today she get into OT (operation theatre)..
as accompony with me, i assist the surgeon today that had been performed by Mr Shukri (consultant surgeon of hosp sg buloh)

this is my 2nd time i had an opportunity to scrub in~
it take more than 3 hours at operation table.
Alhamdulillah the operation is succesful..

appendecectomy --> abdomino-perineal resection --> colonostomy...

after the operation the patient is conscious but a litle bit confuse as affect of the anaesthethic drug~

thaT i reaLLy thaNkFuL to Mr Shukri to give me one more opportunity to scrub in~ hehe
and hopefully my patient will be recover soon and can be discharged soon.. InsyaAllah..

i'M Fine..10Q~

suDah SeKiaN LamE mEnyEpi...
mayBe xde mAse..xdE ideA..or mmG xde PaPE,cuMe MaLAs Jer nk
Update Blog Nie...

StiLL LagIk kAt pOstiNg surgeRY... haRi2 BaLeK daRi HosP Sg BuLoh
seriOusLy lethaRgic Giler~ pNaT ~ TiDo....
ThiS iS the 7th weeK in sUrgERy PosTing..
aLL arE enJoyaBle..wonderFUL..segaLe La..
LooK i wiLL Go furTher inTo thiS fieLd...

1St tiMe sCrUB in~

AftER thiS, KaLO raJIn aKan Ku UpdaTe ceriTa2 disInI smULa...
citer YG PANAS dn MeLetop LetOP.. perlU la cm maGGi Kari LetoP???