GeT inTO OT one mOre timE

"if u want to know about surgery, firstly u must know how to assist the surgery" mr shukri.

at last after 3 time postpone surgery for my patient, today she get into OT (operation theatre)..
as accompony with me, i assist the surgeon today that had been performed by Mr Shukri (consultant surgeon of hosp sg buloh)

this is my 2nd time i had an opportunity to scrub in~
it take more than 3 hours at operation table.
Alhamdulillah the operation is succesful..

appendecectomy --> abdomino-perineal resection --> colonostomy...

after the operation the patient is conscious but a litle bit confuse as affect of the anaesthethic drug~

thaT i reaLLy thaNkFuL to Mr Shukri to give me one more opportunity to scrub in~ hehe
and hopefully my patient will be recover soon and can be discharged soon.. InsyaAllah..

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