JusT coMinG BacK froM HoLiday..
nOw i Know ThE MeaninG oF Refreshing~

OtaK setePu2 doDol skAnG daH cair ckiT..
emOsi Yg ntaH papE terGoLEk GoLEk ari2 puN dah stabiL..
Jiwa yg KacaU2 tuh Pub hiLAng daH..

Look forward,,,
never LooK bacK
ThinK posiTiVe..
ChaiYOOk one More PostINg to GO
theN i wiLL finIsh my 3rd yeAr...
HoPEfULLy i pass.. InsyaALLah wiTh fLyinG colOur..(nak gaK kn~)

new PosTing staRt ToDay... wiLL busY doiNG ward round,
baby delivery, and on-call until 12am..

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