year 4 already~

regard my new semester, im now in year 4 faculty of medicine, UiTM Malaysia~
LETOP dah year 4.. hahaha
rupe2nyer junior rmai bangat skarang, sume macam x kenal jew...
ade ak kesah?? hahaha

neway it is best to think u are more senior and got more responsible to do
for that, less holiday for me~ SHIT!
i will only have my holiday:
one week for aidilfitri
one week for aidiladha
and one week in april 2011 (not sure for what)

so others than that is about class, ward work, ward round, operation theatre, forensic autopsy, seminar and so on~

i hope i will enjoy all this year without any pain~

HOLIDAY??? of course YES~
u know what, after one week i start my clinical this year, i skip 5 days for my trip to bangkok...
i will tell the story later on~

see ya~

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