sweet memories, sweet friends

Last week i was in New zealand for about a weeks. today i leave NZ, as it feels terrible. nice people, nice place... it is a memories of lifetime while being there.
"this is travel : every start should come to an end.. we should accept it" - andrej
i choose to stay in hostel rather than cheap hotel or motel... for sure i choose it because it is cheaper but, there are expansive memories which you can't buy here. i live in Soutern Laughter Backpacker house in queenstown. it just 2 minutes walk down to the town.
we make a lot of friends here. and i am so sad for leaving them~

this is andre. he same with us 23 years old from Germany. we just meet him starting from our first day staying at hostel. on the first night, i was cooking. im not really good in adjusting the quantity of my cooks, the result was i had make a carbonara pasta for 7-8 people rather than we just three. during that night andrej and james was in kitchen. so we ask them to join us. and i cant believe that after that night and because of my carbonara pasta, we become a good friends. everyone eat my carbonara like it taste goods, haha and still we cannot finsih it.. later jack came out, then his turn to finish it.. every night after that we always have dinner together. same with james and jack. the next day andrej told me " u dont have to cook tonight, i'll make a dinner" u know what does he make for us? a rice with chicken curry. seriusly? and he realize we are muslim. he told me he used "Brinks" chicken.. brinks is a product of Halal in NZ. andrej, james and jack has become a friend since this summer. he travel from north island to south island together. i envy their journey together, i wish i can have a long day to do what does they experienced before. they really amaze with Malaysian people, along their journey they had found a malaysian who can speak english, chinese, german and more language. and we are the nice malaysian people that they ever meets~ lalala.. but we only can speak english and a little chinese words from azuan and feyo since they know a little bit. he also impress that we are going to be a doctor next year. "how come this 16 years old boys can handle a knife on people bodys?" OMG you mean me??? hahaha sure i always look younger than my ages.. hahaha Andrej will become a teacher soon, he will teach mathematic in high school soon. he travel a lots, after this he went to Bangkok for 2 days, than he going home to German. the worlds is a great classroom for him. every people we meet was totally inspiring..

this is james. actually james and jack both are asian. they are from Hong Kong. both of them are 24 years old. they travel together then andre join them when they was in Napier if i not mistaken, it is someway in north island. James is our master mind here. also he is a good chef. he is a great sifu to andre as andre now can cooks many things include making a sushi.. haha james always having a bad influence for us. first time andre try beer was in new zealand, it was because james. james also would like to buy us some beer because we are nice person who invite them for dinner for that night..haha it is joke by the way~ u know, traveler always will respect another doesnt count about you culture, religion or believe..furthermore it good for knowledge, experience~ that what i found it very interesting thing to do..James is an interior designer, but i'm not know details about him.. but after this he plan to going back to Hong Kong. about a 6 months he was in new zealand.

this is jack. hope u notice what i said, after the pasta almost finish, suddenly he cames out.. haha he always like the one who will appear late. every dinner will be the same. so only james, andrej, azuan, feyo and me at the kitchen preparing for dinner. he almost come late... he also a 24 year old from Hong kong. what interesting in him is he had been work as interior designer for 3 years. he show me his design.. and his design like, omaigod.. it is really amazing. he had been involve in designing beijing Olympic hotel and london olympic hotel.. but he resign after that.. he had such a good talent. by our long conversation i found that he was the one who really stress with his jobs and his environment. he try to relieve his stress and try to find something for his life.. he looking forwards to work in singapore or any part of asia.. he noticed his future will be very difficult in Hong Kong due to politic or agenda from that country. he gain weight while staying here.. and he always ask me how to gain weight, become muscular etc as he know we are doctors.. but i just can smile - eat often.. haha yeah i hope he can do better as nothing can stress him out in new zealand. and he do eat a lot as james the chef was with him. he told me so many story when he was in new zealand. owh he bought a car in new zealand.. just by working as apple, kiwi pickers. and he do tell me how to get the jobs here.. i really want to try someday. while everyone is leaving new zealand this week, he the only one who wanna stay longer in new zealand. he already get another jobs. so after all of us gone, he will move to dunedin where he was hired in some farm there.. and he try to preparing his resume to find back his job as designer..

a really long long chatting in the middle of the night.. he is totally inspiring... thanks jack~ hope you can find a job in singapore soon.. and we get nearer~ huhu

enjoy watching movie 
so on Thursday we are first who leaving this sweet town ever.. we are leaving early in morning to reach Christchurch at night.. i feel so sad on that journey.. and thats how its was ended..

simple place but its mean a lot..
on friday night, during we was in line for check-in for our flight at the airport, my eyes was attracted with one english guys from the far, he was waving his hand to me.. my view still bluring as my eyes still focusing.. OMG it is Andrej.. we never knew that we will be in the same flight with andrej.. he transit in LCCT for his journey to Bangkok.. he just arrive from queenstown during that time.. what a small world.. we just meet again. and we have our last dinner together at CHC airport.. he really like to have mee goreng.. but the noodle shop in that airport was closed already, its 12am already.. we ended up by having burger king together.. i wonder how come the words "mee goreng" comes from his mouth.. he totally such a funny guys... hope we will see you again..~

Christchurch int. airport, NZ


fatt said...

nice entry shah. i bet u'll love nz as much as i do and i hope u'll come back again & explore the northern part.

this is what i enjoy about travelling coz i can meet lots of ppl from all around the globe and make friends and exchange experience.

so how was ur ski trip, did u manage to try one? and how did u get to milford, u rent a car or u take bus?

im waiting for ur next entry :)

shah_rule said...

hi fatt, yes NZ is a nice place, no wonder you always been there..haha

so sad fatt, there are no snow during we were there...
this year snow was delayed about a month..
none of the ski field open yet..
they say it might be 2,3 weeks from now~

milford trip was awesome.. we take a day trip by bus...

fatt said...

yup..apparently this year is a "warm" winter. last year it was as early as june. so it means that u must repeat nz..hehe :)

so what happen to the voucher that u grab?

by the way i need some info from u since this will be my first time to milford. u said that u took bus i wanted to know is the bus ride inclusive with cruise tix? demit i only hv cruise tix...duh!

shah_rule said...

yup, almost all bus inclusive with cruise ticket.. if u already have cruise tix, u just go there by driving..

nanti ajakla sesape kat sane gie skali.. bole tongtong skali duit minyak.. hehe

but make sure bile habes je cruise tuh, cepat2 la jalan bawak kete pecut terus..kalo x nanti kat homer tunnel tuh jem giler.. maybe sampai balek kt queenstown dah late night..

fatt said...

aku plan nak hitchhike nanti..hahaha. takpe..kat sini selamat je nak hitchhike :)

shah_rule said...

ye ke? cmne care nyer nak tau tuh? kire dgn kawan2 hostel ke atau tahan dari tepi jalan???