The Amazing Race S19

This is my favorite reality game show ever, now its back for season 19, can you tell how interesting was it since it still lasting until 19 seasons..
i think most traveler love this and should put it into your wishlist like what i did.. insyaallah~

I start watching this since i was in secondary school.. its to early, but since that time i already have a mind set to apply for this once bila dah besar... now dah besar what.~
but still after i start working laa~ haha

and last year i was totally inspired in season 17 where there are "the doctors" start participate this competition.. and what inspire me was they manage to become the winner for that season~ kuddos to them Kat & Nad~ still thinks doctor cannot fit for it ha? and i really admire to Nat, Nat was suffering from Type I Diabetes Mellitus, you know it is congenitally absent of insulin since born.. she was on insulin pump, and along the race she manage to control her blood sugar... and physically active.. i think i get the message why she join this amazing race~ and i share this story with my patient who was diabetic like her.. inspiring right~

i done watching this new season and still i haven't find my favorite team yet~

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